1/2″ USS Flat Washer E-Coat black


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1/2 inch USS Flat Washer, Coated

Washers come in handy for a variety of applications, from adequate weight distribution to keeping nuts and bolts in place. They also protect the surface from damage, and safeguard fasteners from corrosion.

Perfect for heavy-duty applications, our top quality flat washers are made from medium carbon steel plated alloy. They are heat-treated to make them sturdier and even more durable.

The premium Pergola World Multi-Stage Electrolytically Applied Black Military Spec. coating prevents corrosion and provides an attractive aesthetic.

About flat washers

Flat washers extend the life of joints and fixtures. Superior quality washers distribute the clamping force on the wood – keeping your project sturdy for years to come. So, whether you are installing wood corbels, beams, or structural brackets, remember to add a washer to each fastener.



Height ⅛-inch
Overall Diameter 1 ⅜-Inch
Inside Diameter ½-inch


Material Medium Carbon Steel
Made in Made in the USA
Coating Pergola World Multi-Stage Electrolytically Applied Black Military Spec — ACQ compatible coating
Application Universal Application



1/2 USS Flat Washer, Coated - Drawings 1/2 USS Flat Washer, Coated - Coating Specs

Additional information

Weight 0.04 lbs
Dimensions 0.06 × 1.375 × 1.375 in



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