5″ Structural Bolt


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5 Inch Structural Bolt

Looking for strong structural bolts that are easy to fasten and durable? Our SAE Grade 5 Medium Carbon Steel bolts are a perfect choice.

They have a 2 mil thick coating, which stays put even when the bolts are fastened to the maximum. The threading is hassle-free, and the coating is ACQ compatible, so it won’t corrode when in contact with green treated lumber.

These structural bolts were crafted by industry experts to help resolve several problems, including chipping, peeling and cracking paint on the hardware. The unique military-grade, multi-stage electrolytically applied coating helps ensure that’s not the case with these structured bolts.

This is a Pergola World-exclusive product, so rest assured that it offers the same hassle-free installation process all our products are known for.

These are specialized, heavy hex bolts that can withstand large loads, making them ideal for applications in steel and wood construction.

Both 5-inch and 7-inch bolts have a coarse thread, are ½ inch diameter, and can accommodate rough sawn timber beam, 2 washers, and 2 brackets.


  • Pergola World-exclusive product
  • Made in Oklahoma
  • Prevention of corrosion thanks to ACQ coating
  • Attractive chip-resistant semi-gloss black
  • Multi-stage electrolytically-applied black military spec. coating
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Coating remains intact after threading
  • For a perfect look — use with compatible coated ½ inch USS Nut and coated ½ inch USS Flat Washer
  • Tested by GreenOkie experts



Size Coarse Thread Hex Head Size Length Accommodate
 7″ Structural Bolt ½ inch Diameter UNC13 ¾ inch Hex Head 5 5/16 inch 5 ½ inch to 6 ⅛ inches Rough sawn timber


Grade SAE Grade 5
Material Medium Carbon Steel
Coating type Multi-stage electrolytically applied black military spec. coating
Coating thickness 2 Mil
Application Industries such as automobile, chemical, construction, transportation, furniture, etc.
Made in Oklahoma, USA



Structural Bolt, 5 in - Drawings 5 Inch Structural Bolt - Coating Specs

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Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 0.875 × 0.875 × 5.25 in


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