5/8″ Nylon Lock Nut, White Zinc Plated


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5/8” Nyloc Nut

5/8-inch nuts made from SAE Grade 5 Medium Carbon Steel.

Pergola World White Zinc Nuts are layered with Zinc through electroplating to help fight corrosion and stay strong for years.

Designed to mechanically connect various materials such as wood to wood or wood to metal, they are commonly seen in deck, fence, and pergola installations.

The nylon insert within the ring creates resistance so fasteners never loosen. This helps the attached materials resist vibrations, further protecting against corrosion.


  • SAE Grade 5 Medium Carbon Steel
  • Zinc-plated finish
  • Made in the USA
  • Indoor and outdoor applications
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Use with bolt and washers
  • Locking Nylon Insert keeps nut in place
  • Pair with ⅝-inches White Zinc Washer
  • Best post base installation when used with:
    • ⅝-inches White Zinc Washer
    • DEWALT AC100+ Gold® Adhesive Concrete Anchoring System
    • ABA46RZ Simpson Strong-Tie ABA Post Base
    • 12 inch All-Thread Rod
  • Tested by Green Okie experts


Hex Wrench Size 15/16-inches
Inner Diameter 5/8-inches
Overall Height 3/4-inches


Material SAE Grade 5 Medium Carbon Steel
Coating/Plated White Zinc
Application Indoor and outdoor use



5/8 Nut, White Zinc - Drawings

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