DYNAGLAS® Corrugated Polycarbonate, Grey


Upgrade outdoor spaces with DYNAGLAS® Solar Grey, a condensation-controlled corrugated polycarbonate. Ideal for pergolas, pavilions, and greenhouses.


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DYNAGLAS® Condensation Control Corrugated Polycarbonate, Grey

Transform your outdoor living spaces with DYNAGLAS®, a versatile 4-foot-wide corrugated polycarbonate designed for horticultural applications. Engineered with built-in condensation control and a 10-year warranty, DYNAGLAS® offers exceptional light transmission, impact resistance, and UV blocking for an ideal growth environment.

Ordering Note: This product is 4′ wide and is sold in 1′ length increments. The maximum length available is 20′. If you would like sheets cut to a specific length please leave a note in the order or contact us.

Key Features:

  • Built-in condensation control with a 10-year warranty
  • Up to 30% more PAR light transmission during condensation
  • SolarSoft™ technology for even light dispersion
  • High impact resistance and 99.9% UV blocking
  • Ideal for roofs, side walls, partitions, barriers, doors, pergolas, and pavilions

Main Benefits:

  • Up to 92% PAR light transmission and 100% diffusion
  • Virtually no yellowing or loss of light transmission
  • Blocks out UV & far IR radiation

Greenhouse Covering for Optimal DLI: DYNAGLAS® refracts light at low angles, reduces reflection, and maximizes light penetration, ensuring optimal Daily Light Integral (DLI) even during critical months.

SolarSoft™ MAX: Achieve the highest DLI in the industry with DYNAGLAS SolarSoft™ MAX, boasting 90% light transmission and 90% diffusion.

Available Color:

  • Solar Grey


  • Full Width: 4 feet
  • Minimum Length: 1 foot
  • Maximum Length: 20 feet
  • Greca 76 Profile: Thickness: 0.032″

Regulatory Code Compliance Certification:

  • NRC-CNRC (Canadian NBC 2015): CCMC Evaluation Report 13450-R
  • Miami Dade County (FBC 2017): NOA # 18-0328.03
  • ICC (International Code Council – IBC 2015): ESR-1893
  • City of Los Angeles (LABC 2017): RR 25298

Versatile Outdoor Solutions: DYNAGLAS® in Solar Grey, perfect for covering pergolas and pavilions, offers unmatched performance and compliance with rigorous industry standards.

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